Account Set Up and Configurations

Connecting Your EMR

If you are looking for information on how to connect your EMR to Keet please see here!

This article will help you complete your setup so you and your clinic are ready for success. Some of these items may have been completed by the Keet Implementation Team, please audit the account to ensure all information is true. 


Organization Information such as Account ID, Group NPI, Tax ID, Company website, and Primary Address will need to be entered at the Organization Level. (This is your primary organization information) 

Organization Configuration
From your user profile drop-down menu select the Admin Settings menu
Select Edit Organization Info 
Once Selected the Edit Organization menu will open to the right 
The menu includes Organization Address, Company Website URL, Telephone number, and Identifiers. 


 It is required for all accounts to enter the Organization Identifiers, including the EMR Name and ID, GROUP NPI (npi-group), and TAX ID (tid-us) to inform Keet of your account's unique identifiers for your clinic. 

If you do  not have an established connection to your Keet account from your clinic's Electronic Medical Record, select emr-other from the Identifier dropdown and enter your EMR account ID in the open text field to the right of the drop down.  Your EMR account ID will be your Company ID or your Account ID with your EMR.




Information regarding specific clinics will be entered at the Location level such as location address, telephone number, and time zone. Customizing patient email content for the clinic such as Social Review Website Link, Google Maps, Patient Website Forms, and Consent Forms can be added here to deliver specific content for the specific place of service. 

Location Configuration
From your user profile drop-down menu select the Admin Settings menu
Select View Locations
Locate the Location you need to Edit and select the three ellipses to open the action drop-down menu. Select Edit 
You will want to verify the clinic location's name, address, and ensure the status of the location is set to ACTIVE.  Additional fields available are clinic email address, phone number. The URL links or email tags are associated with deliverable emails so your patients are provided with information they need prior to their first appointment. 
Social Review URL: Website Address to FB, Google Reviews, or Yelp 
Team Profile URL: Website Address to your Care Team Profiles for example, "Meet Our Team" 
First Visit Education URL: Website Address to a "What to Expect" or First-time Visit FAQ page 
Website Forms URL: Website Address to locate New Patient Intake Forms
Location Web URL: Website link to Google Maps or Yahoo Maps so you patient can be linked to directions 
Reactivation URL: Website Address to your "Contact Us" page or make appointment option 
Consent Form 1 & 2: Website Address to your printable consent forms or online forms 
A location EMR identifier is required. This location EMR ID will associate your patients with their place of service and practitioner at that clinic. If your patient transfers to another clinic location these identifiers will make that transition easy.
*If you do not have an EMR connection, select emr-other from the identifier dropdown and assign a unique number for each clinic location (ex 1 for the first location, 2 for the second, etc.). 


Keet Connection 

Keet offers standard connections with select EMR vendors. If you have an established connection, review this section for steps to ensure all EMR Identifiers are in place to properly connect Keet with your EMR. 

If you do not have an established connection from your EMR to Keet, these identifiers are still required for Outcomes Reporting and MIPS participation.  

Required External IDs or EMR Identifiers

Each Identifier captures data to further identify a specific injury or case data, associate patients with their treating Practitioner, populate Outcomes data, informs MIPS eligibility, and creates new patients within Keet via the integration. The integration is the connection to Keet from your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System.

If your organization does not have an established connection with an EMR to Keet, these IDs are still required. 

Click through each unique External ID or EMR Identifier section. 




Episode of Care

  • Organization

    The Organization External ID identifies the Account ID
    • Go To Admin Settings
    • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_2.05.09_PM.png 
    •  Status > Edit Organization Info Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_1.51.47_PM.png
  • Location

    • The Location External ID identifies Clinic Location(s)

    • If No EMR Connection: 
      • Start with the number 1 and additional locations in numeric order.
      • Other EMR: Use ID from EMR database
    • The Clinic Location ID is needed for the Practitioner and Patient to be associated with the correct place of service 
    • Admin Setting > Status > Edit Locations 
    • Select ... Edit to review the Location Profile 
    • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_1.53.36_PM.png
  • Practitioner

    • The Practitioner ID identifies the provider serving patients
    • The Practitioner ID is needed to associate the patient with their Provider
    • IF No EMR Connection: 
      • Use provider unique NPI 
      • Other EMR: Use IDs from EMR database
    • Select Practitioner > Edit 
  • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_1.56.44_PM.png


  • The Patient Identifier identifies the Patient ID or Client ID from your EMR. 
  • If this ID is missing the patient will not create in Keet
  • Select Patient > Patient Profile > Edit
  • If No EMR connection:  Use the patient MRN (medical record number) 
  • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_1.58.43_PM.png

Episode of Care

  • The Episode of Care Identifier ID identifies the patient's Case or Region of Injury
    • Select Patient > Select Edit in the Episode of Care
    • This ID will auto-populate from your appointment information in the EMR 
    • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_2.00.52_PM.png
    • In Clinicient the EMR ID for the Episode of Care will identify the patient's "Problem ID" or Case ID. 
    • This ID field may differ per EMR source. Please consult with your EMR to identify the patient case or use the patient's medical record number (MRN).
    • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_2.03.52_PM.png